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Barkada Doodle

Always stay close to your friends and barkadas! Get this Barkada Doodle shirt, and you can “bring”...

Php 349.00

Barkada Music

Music is one of the driving forces that makes us move and groove! And with these Barkada Music T-shirt designs,...

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Guy Best Friend

Having a best friend with an opposite sex is rare! Show it to the world how lucky you are to have one. Shown on...

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Tumbang Preso

Malapit na ang bakasyon! Tara na sa World of Tokkats at maglaro ng Tumbang Preso kasama ang mga kapitbahay at...

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Party Line

Don’t miss the fun and all the juicy news! Chit-chat your way and join the party with this Party...

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Tok, Kat, & Tee

Get to know the talk@tee barkada more. This Tok, Kat & Tee shirt features lovable and adorable talk@tee...

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Totally Wired

Feeling techie? Wear the computer part that best describes you and stay connected with your friends these Totally...

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Rock On

Are you ready to rock? Get this Rock On shirts and let’s get things rolling. These t-shirts come in cool and...

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Morning Rush

Mornings are always the busiest part of the day. Don’t let it get into your nerves, though. Why don’t...

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Girl Talk

Girls just simply love to share their secrets with each other. Distance can never be a hindrance! Share the...

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Geared Up

Whether you’re a tech savvy or not, you and your friends will surely love these Geared-Up T-shirt design...

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Buhay Tambay

Ahh…buhay-tambay (hanging-out)…isn’t it more fun when you’re enjoying it with friends? And...

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Buhay Estudyante

Who ever said that school is boring and dull? Grab one Buhay-Estudyante Shirt and let’s get that roll-call...

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Book Worms

Are you a bookworm or are there worms living in your books? 😀 No matter what your reading habits are, let these...

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Balloon Girls

Balloons are every little girls’ (even big girls, right?) friend. It gives them the feeling of being young,...


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