Resizing the Print of Your Shirt

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Some of us are vibrant and loud, some of us are shy and discreet. If you want to express this side of your personality through your shirt, one way to do that would be customizing the size of the print.

A4 Whole Print

Want your print to be as loud as possible? Go for a whole A4 sized print.

An A4 sized print is about the same size as a short typewriting paper, so the print of your shirt would be clearly visible even from a distance.

A4 1/2 Print

Would you prefer something more subtle? Then go for half the size of an A4 print. It’s  a bit smaller compared to the A4 whole print, but you’d still get a clearly visible print.

A4 1/4 Print

Large prints not really your style? No problem. Get an A4 1/4 print for yourself.

For more information about the prices of our shirts, please check out our Pricing Guide.

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