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In a high-tech world where everyone can broadcast their opinions to millions of audience all over the Philippines at the touch of a button, how will you let your voice be heard?

For BNP Design Studio, the answer was simple: let your t-shirt do the talking for you.

Thus, talk@tee was born.

Launched in the latter half of 2011, talk@tee is a t-shirt project that started from a few t-shirts that mostly featured designs that were meant to promote the rich and unique culture of the Philippines.

With limited resources to open a physical store, talk@tee initially relied on the unique appeal of its t-shirt designs and the marketing power of social media in order to establish its presence; however, thanks to a steadily expanding client base both here and abroad, it has finally grown from being an unknown player in the t-shirt printing business into an inspiring start-up with its own store now operating from Pacific Mall Lucena.

Talk@tee’s Products

World of Tokkats

Talk@tee is a Filipino brand and we’re proud of it! With our World of Tokkats shirts featuring Tok, Kat, and Tee; the official mascots of talk@tee, we want to give Filipinos and Filipinos at heart a way to express their appreciation and love for the Filipino culture through these distinctly Filipino shirts.


It’s more fun in the Philippines, especially when you’re with your family and friends. Meant for couples, families, friends, classmates, teammates, or just about any pairs or groups who want to show their affinity with one another, Connectees feature cute and trendy designs with a continuous story spread across several shirts.


We all have our own tastes; talk@tee is more than aware of that, but with our Random shirts designed to cater to a wide variety of tastes, you’ll have everything you’ll need from cute and romantic designs to those with a classic or edgy feel.

Course Shirts

Mass Comm, Med Tech, Engineering, Education, and Accountancy — if you’re a student and proud of the course you’re taking, then you should definitely get you  and your classmates one of these course shirts. Not only can you wear it as a a badge of honor, it’s also a perfect uniform for organizational activities.

Education Style

Save-a-Pet Project

Talk@tee has been lucky to have received so much support for a start-up, now it’s our turn to give something back. With these lovely Save-a-Pet Project shirts, we aim to make the world a better place for animals by donating all the proceeds from the project’s sales to CARA Welfare Philippines.

Philippine Series

There’s no place like home. Get a more intimate picture of places, events, and traditions in the Philippines that we can truly call our own.

T-shirt Designs Packages

Wanna get these cool designs for your own business? Check out our available t-shirt design packages and pick the one that you like best.

The T-Shirt Blog

You have your t-shirts, you have your designs, and your potential market — now what? Talk@tee’s here to answer that question and more.

The T-shirt Guide

With The T-shirt Guide, we hope to help people who intend to go into the t-shirt printing business by guiding them.

Trending Shirts

Don’t be left out of the loop! Stick around the Trending Shirts section and catch the latest shirt-related trends both here and abroad.

Talkin’ Tees

Get up close and personal with talk@tee. Visit the Talkin’ Tees page and learn more about the talk@tee gang’s latest adventures. Updates also include news about the latest talk@tee promos and contests, so make sure you don’t miss anything.

Fact Sheet

Brand Name: Talk@tee

Products and Services: T-shirts, T-shirt designs,

Tagline: Let your tees do the talkin’

Owner: BNP Design Studio

Date Founded: July 23, 2011

Location: Philippines

Modes of Payment: Smart Money, G-cash, Paypal, Bank deposit (Banco de Oro)


  • Talk@tee Kiosk

2nd Floor, Pacific Mall Lucena
M.L. Tagarao St. Lucena City

  • BNP Design Studio

ACES Compound, Kilometer 18, Diversion Road, Barangay Ilayang Dupay,
Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines

Telephone Number: (042) 716-2442

Mobile Number: (0932) 519-0004

Website: http://www.talkatee.com

Social Media Accounts:

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