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Couple shirts are very much in trend nowadays, although it’s been around for about sometime now, it has gained its popularity just recently. These couple shirts are widely fashionable in Asian countries like Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and other Asian countries (though it has also infiltrated the American fashion lately). So how did it gain its popularity?

From what we’ve noticed, Korean Dramas play a large part in influencing other Asian countries like Philippines in making couple shirts popular. Couples who wear these kinds of shirt want to show the world that they really are for each other, or rather, they are made for each other.

People often connote the term couple shirt with that of wearing exactly identical shirts. This is certainly not true at all times. Wearing these couple shirts implies wearing a t-shirt which is a counterpart with that worn by another. It means two or more shirts’ expression summed up into one message, and eventually, that particular message will show the intensity of the connection and commitment of the persons wearing them.

One may show willingness to purchase a pair of couple t-shirt but may hesitate wearing his or her shirt in the public because there are some guys who find it cheesy to wear couple shirts in public, and some girls were having a hard time in convincing their boyfriends to wear it. For those who have chosen to wear their couple shirts in public with pride, we can say that they really enjoy the company of each other as well as the attention that they get from others.

Another great thing about wearing couple shirts is that it really doesn’t matter if their relationship is still on dating, already marital or familial and even friendly. They come in many different designs and are inexpensive compared to other types of clothing.

Some of our best-selling couple shirt designs are:

I Magnet U

“I’m attracting you!”

This I Magnet U Couple Shirt design features charming robot characters with the female robot pulling the male robot’s heart with a magnet.

Love Online

Always online? Stay connected with each other with this Love Online couple shirt design! You can even have your own pictures printed on as a part of the t-shirt design.

Tokkat Uling

So, you really, really want to wear a couple shirt, but unfortunately, you’re currently “not-in-a-relationship”? Why not get this Tokkat Uling couple shirt design for you and your chum?  Now, you can enjoy a couple shirt without the “pressure” of being in a relationship! 😉

Love Statement Shirt

The newest design in our couple shirt collection! Show the whole world your admiration for your loved one with this Love Statement couple shirt design! Simply list down your partner’s best traits, hand it to us and we’ll do the rest.

Be in trend too! Grab a pair of couple shirt for you and your partner!

Celebrate your relationship and get more connected with each other through our Couple Shirt designs. Browse more of our couple shirt designs at:


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