Career Shirt: Doctor

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Superheroes have their capes, doctors have their talk@tee career shirts.

Designed to celebrate the heroism and sacrifices of our beloved doctors, these shirts come in the Future, Certified, and Proud Doctor varieties.

If you know a doctor or you are one yourself, this is your chance to pay tribute to the medical profession by getting your own career shirts.

CareerShirtDoctor LowRes
Featuring cute male and female cliparts of uniform-clad Doctor with Future, Certified, and Proud Chef texts to choose from, these Doctor Career shirt design is a must-have for all Doctors, and aspiring Doctors out there.   So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Doctor career shirt now!   Shown on photo are A4 whole prints on white Medium unisex cut shirt, Pink Medium ladies’ cut tee, and blue Large unisex cut t-shirt.

Pricing may vary according to the color of the shirt:

We also made this size chart to help you choose the T-shirt size for you:

Are you ready to Order? Simply fill out our Order Form and a Talk@tee Customer Representative will contact you with details of how you can receive your shirt - right on your doorstep!


For international customers, please order through our Zazzle Store

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