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Sweet Couple Shirts, best selling Pinoy Tees, Barkada T-Shirts, Course Shirts - we have a wide variety of T-shirt designs all in store just for you! Feel free to browse Original Talkatee T-Shirt Designs below:

Php 349.00

For You

Here’s a pretty flower only For You… Isn’t that sweet? How ’bout getting this shirt of one...

Php 349.00

Rainbow Slide

Bring out the kid’s heart within you! Have fun with these cute little angels in this Rainbow Slide...

Php 349.00

Monkey Business

Monkey Business anyone? Don’t get us wrong though, we’re just referring to this Monkey Business shirt!...

Php 349.00

I Love You

Spread the love around and feel that lovin’ feeling and good vibes with this I Love You shirt. This...

Php 349.00

Party Line

Don’t miss the fun and all the juicy news! Chit-chat your way and join the party with this Party...

Php 349.00

Music Lover

Sing your heart out and let the music soothe your soul with this Music Lover tee! This shirt features a cute and...

Php 349.00

Sun Drinks

Refresh yourself under the summer heat! Beat the heat with this cool Sun Drinks shirt. This Sun Drinks shirt...

Php 349.00


Love Horoscopes? Then this Fabroscope shirt is perfect for you! Ever wondered what Fabroscope means? Well,...

Php 349.00

Couple Shirt: Kilig to the Bones

Feel the love and get chilled to the bones with these cute Kilig to the Bones couple shirt! These shirts feature...

Php 349.00

Couple Shirt: Hugger Bears

Who can resist these cute, cuddly and huggable bears? You and your partner can take them home in this Hugger Bears...

Php 349.00

World of Tok Kat and Tee

Enter the World of TokKats! Tag along with this Tok, Kat and Tee shirt. This shirt comes in a colorful design...

Php 349.00

Couple Shirt: Flying Kiss

Let your charm captivate your loved-one as you blow your flying kisses and send your love to your beloved with...

Php 349.00

Pasayahan Festival 2012

Come and have fun in Pasayahan sa Lucena! Lucena City’s Pasayahan and Chami Festival 2012 are now on...

Php 349.00

Floral Girl

Love girly and dainty floral designs? Get this hip and chic black-and-white floral girl shirt! This Floral Girl...

Php 349.00

Couple Shirt: Little Bride and Groom

Do you have plans of getting married? Come and get these pair of cute and adorable Little Bride and Groom couple...

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