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Reselling Tips for Resellers Part 4

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 in Blog, Reseller's Section, The T-Shirt Guide | 0 comments

We gave you some tips on how to manage your reselling business in our last three articles. Now that we’re on our fourth and final part of our series of tips, let’s talk about the technical aspects of managing your business like: Scheduling orders by batch – Printing t-shirts using the heat press method usually takes a day to complete and this starts after the payment has been settled. While some people don’t mind waiting for a day or so to pick up their t-shirts, there are some people who might demand to get theirs unreasonably...

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Reselling Tips for Resellers Part 3

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Blog, Reseller's Section, The T-Shirt Guide | 0 comments

We’re now on the third installment of our marketing tips for resellers. Since we’re already done with the basics and the marketing side of running your reselling business, we’ll now address one of the most important things an entrepreneur should know – cultivating a good relationship with your customers. Here are some ways to do that: Always keep in touch with your potential customers– They may have no time to talk to you today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should cross them out of your list of potential customers....

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Reselling Tips for Resellers Part 2

Posted on Mar 9, 2012 in Blog, Reseller's Section, The T-Shirt Guide | 0 comments

Last time, we gave you some basic tips on how you can effectively manage your reselling business. This time, we’ll be giving you some additional tips, but with focus on the marketing side of your business. Let’s start with: • Promoting your business through word of mouth – Word of mouth may sound like a primitive way of advertising considering the availability of gadgets that can share and broadcast information to different parts of the world in a matter of seconds, but its effectiveness as a source of information shouldn’t be...

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Reselling Tips for Resellers Part 1

Posted on Mar 2, 2012 in Blog, Reseller's Section, The T-Shirt Guide | 12 comments

When people hear of marketers, images of photogenic, sharply dressed, smooth talkers with hypnotic voices usually come to mind.  While these traits usually help, success in the field of marketing does not solely rely on them. In fact, with markets becoming more and more competitive and consumers getting more conscious of the money they spend, solid market knowledge and marketing techniques have been steadily taking precedence over sheer physical appeal of products and the people selling them. Having said that, here’s the first batch of...

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