Extra allowance, Additional income – Join the Talk@tee team!

Are you a student who wants to earn extra allowance? Or an employee looking for additional income? Want to start your own t-shirt business but want to test the market first?

Then Join us as a Reseller!

As a Talk@tee reseller, you can sell Original Talk@tee shirts at your own pace and time – be it part-time, full-time or even home-based! You don’t  even need to rent a stall to sell a shirt.

Why choose Talk@tee?

  • We sell the best T-shirts and shirt designs of their kind out there, so our shirts are already easier for you to sell! But don’t take this from us, here’s what our customers have to say about our shirts.
  • As a Talk@tee Reseller, you can offer a wide variety of unique T-shirt designs to your customers, from:

    • Couple Shirts
    • Barkada shirts
    • Family Shirts
    • Course/Org Shirts
    • Pinoy Tees
    • to a whole lot more.
  • Your designs are always up to date since you will receive new T-shirt designs monthly.


 — ♥ ♥ ♥ —

We will help you get started!

Even if you don’t have prior experience in selling, we’ll be right here to help you.

Here’s what you can access as a Talk@tee Reseller:

  • Reseller’s Resource Center. You will have access to our Reseller’s Resource Center where you can download everything you will need in marketing your Talk@tee products – from business cards to tarpaulin to your online marketing needs.
  • Reseller Tips and Ideas (exclusive posts). We have also created a special section for our Resellers, where we post and share some tips and strategies for you. Some blog posts are private and can only be accessible once you become a reseller.
  • Help Desk. A Talk@tee Account Executive will also be assigned to you to call, text or email about anything related to Talk@tee.

— ♥ ♥ ♥ —

How much can you earn?

We are offering you as much as 20% commission on every shirt you sell, depending on the reselling option you have chosen.

This, combined with your determination and goals, can give you unlimited earning potential.

What would I need to become a reseller?

Except for a small fee and the drive to succeed in the business, you won’t need anything else because talk@tee will take care of the rest for you.

So what are the different Reseller Options to choose from?

By choosing among our three reseller options and paying a one-time registration fee, you will become an instant talk@tee reseller.

reseller-options copy


Need more info? Please refer to our Reseller FAQs and Reseller Policies and Guidelines.


Come and Join the Talk@tee Family!

With our flexible reselling options and experienced staff

that will guide you all the way through,

you need not worry about the little details of the business and

just focus on earning more money!



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