T-Shirt Designs for Digital T-Shirt Printing

Do you own a T-Shirt printing business?

Would you believe that not all T-Shirt designs are the same?

And that truly marketable T-shirts have designs that really speak to your customers?

Would you prefer to devote your time into attracting more customers for your business instead of worrying about the next design you’re going to use?

And would you rather use high quality and original designs done by professional artists with extensive experience in graphic design, than some random design googled by dishonest “artists” who try pass them as their own?

Do you know that not all images found in the internet are free to use commercially,and that you are making you and your company liable for legal damages once you used them?

Well, if your answers to all these questions are YES then this page is definitely for you!

Right now we’re offering, for a limited time, a set of our best-selling T-shirt Designs for your business.


Why should you pick talk@tee?

All talk@tee designs have gone through extensive market research, so they are specifically targeted towards markets that could bring the most amount of profit. Aside from that, our creative team is composed of in-house illustrators and graphic artists who have years of experience in the business so you can rest assured that our designs are 100 % original and follow the most basic up to the most complex principles of visual design.

What will you get?

Talkatee TShirt Design Packages

  • Best-selling designs. Yes, you heard that right. These are not just some random designs we’re talking about. These are designs that have been proven to sell — over and over again — and we’re sharing them with you because we want you to earn from them too.1
  • Less capital, more profits. When you avail any of our packages, you’ll get a license to use our designs for your t-shirts for life. Pay for the designs once and use them as many times as you’d like, for no extra charge. Just sell two to three shirts per design and you’ve pretty much gotten your capital back.
  • Less manpower. Why hire an entire team for something that you can do on your own? All images in our Design Packages are in PNG format. They have transparent backgrounds to make everything easier for you, from layout to printing different colored shirts.  We’re also adding an e-book for free  (for Premium packages only) to help you in your T-shirt designs. This e-book contains easy to follow tutorials such as creating Statement Shirt Designs and Creating your own T-shirt Templates.


Below are the three packages we offer:

Talkatee TShirt Designs Basic

Talk@tee Basic
2,999.00 pesos only
Package contains:
  • 12 original and high quality best-selling designs
  • Ready-to-print PNG files with transparent background
  • Lifetime license to use images for t-shirts
See Designs





Talkatee TShirt Designs Extended

Talk@tee Extended
5,999.00 pesos only
Package contains:
  • 30 original and high quality best-selling designs
  • Ready-to-print PNG files with transparent background
  • Lifetime license to use all images for t-shirt merchandise
See Designs 





Talkatee TShirt Designs Premium

Talk@tee Premium 
12,999.00 pesos only / Monthly installment option available
Package contains:
  • Total of 100 original and high quality designs
  • 40 designs are sent upfront and 5 designs sent every month for the whole year so you can receive new design releases
  • Ready-to-print PNG files with transparent background
  • Lifetime use of images for T-shirts
  • Free e-book that contains easy to understand tutorials to help you in designing for your T-Shirt business.
  • See Designs 



Images included in the packages are our recommended T-shirt Designs.

You are free to pick other Talk@tee Designs* and include them on the one you are going to purchase, provided that they will not exceed the total number of images alotted for the package.

*The Tokkats Character Design (from World of Tokkats incl. some from Connectees), Save a Pet and Philippine Series are trademarks of Talk@tee and are not included for licensing. Feel free to pick designs from Random, Courses and other Connectees designs.


Sell Talk@tee Designs on your T-Shirts today!

Get in touch with our Customer Representative by calling us at (0932) 519-0004;  (042) 716-2442 or through Skype or by emailing us at contact (at) talkatee.com.

All images in the Talk@tee Design Packages are subject to Philippine Copyright Law. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

1There are various factors that affect the marketability of  products such as target market, geographic location, and marketing strategies among other things. While we are confident of our products’ appeal, we make no guarantees that using the same designs will produce exactly the same results.

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